Other Services Offered

Taxi Community Card

SWCT offers subsidised taxi trips with the Cab Charge (Taxi) Community Card for CHSP funded clients. This card gives you the flexibility for transport outside of SWCT’s availability and operating hours.

Each time you catch a taxi, simply tap your Taxi Card and we will pay the first $18 of your trip. You are then responsible for paying the remaining balance to the taxi driver. (For example, if the taxi fare is $17, you will tap your Taxi Card and we will pay for the whole trip. If your taxi fare is $34, we will pay the first $18 and you are then responsible for paying the remaining $16 yourself.)

For further information or to find out if you are eligible, please contact our bookings staff.

Exercise Classes (EMAA)

Have you heard about our exercise classes? Easy Moves for Active Ageing (EMAA) has been designed for Australian Seniors, with strength, flexibility, and balance in mind.

Many of the exercises can be done in a seated position and can easily be replicated at home. All moves are modified to suit your ability level. We currently hold classes each Wednesday and Friday. These classes are great fun and great value as the exercise class, morning tea and transport are all included for only $15.

To book your place in one of our exercise classes please call us on (02) 9426 8999. And don’t forget to cancel if you cannot make your booking.


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