What We Offer

South West Community Transport offers a range of specialised services to ensure that we can provide our clients with safe and accessible transport, including hoist access, wheelchairs, oxygen concentrators, transport for pets, and more.

Hoist Access

SWCT has a range of modern and well-maintained vehicles from cars to buses, some of which are fitted with wheelchair hoists. All wheelchairs are restrained during transport with a special, complying restraint system.


We can provide both manual and electric wheelchairs to support clients during transport and at their venue. If you require a wheelchair, please let our staff know when making your booking. 

Oxygen Concentrators

To support clients requiring access to mandatory oxygen during transport, SWCT can provide oxygen concentrators. To access an oxygen concentrator, you must provide an SWCT Permission Certificate to Access Oxygen Concentrator Form completed and signed by your doctor. This certificate is valid for 12 months.

The level of oxygen required, as prescribed by a Medical Practitioner, will be shown on the run sheet. However, the driver is not authorised to change the level of oxygen and if requested to do so by the client the transport service will cease. Please note that SWCT does NOT transport oxygen cylinders.

Baby Capsules and Booster Seats

SWCT can provide baby capsules and booster seats. Please let our staff know if you require either of these when making your booking.

Transporting Pets

If your animal is a registered service animal or a therapy animal, it is free for your animal to travel in the vehicle at your side.

If your animal is a pet, we will take it at no extra charge providing it is in an appropriate travel cage that we can lift and place in our vehicle. We will not transport aggressive animals that place our drivers at risk. If you do not have an appropriate travel cage, we can supply one. So, if your animal needs to go to the vet, for example, we can assist you.

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