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South West Community Transport is changing the way our vehicles look to make them much easier for all of our valuable clients to see. To help us achieve the roll out of our new look, we are seeking support to help in making this happen as quickly as we can. We are hoping that some of our supporters would be happy to contribute toward the cost of adding the vinyl wrapping to a vehicle in our fleet.


We have a supplier who is offering us a significant discount to do each vehicle and the cost per vehicle is: Station Wagons, Kia Wheelchair cars and Hi Ace Mini buses for $2000 and our Fuso Rosa buses $3,100. This is over 30% off what they would normally cost.


If you find the idea of supporting this project something you would like to do, we can include a message acknowledging your support on the cars and if it is a Hi Ace van or Rosa bus we can also include a photo of you, your family or your group on the bus as well. What a way for your support to be shown to the community, with you travelling around the area.


As SWCT is a Registered Charity we can provide a receipt for your donation so it can be Tax Deductable.


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