Our Organisation

Our Organisation       

Our Vision

Leading the way in accessible transport.

Our Mission

To be a comprehensive transport service providing:
• Accessible, safe and secure transport which is responsive to community needs;
• Advocacy, education, research, innovation; and
• Independence and quality of life for our clients

Our Values

Our values of South West Community Transport provide the Board, Management, Staff and Volunteers with a touchstone against which individual, team and organisational behaviours can be aligned and measured.

• Excellence – being the best at what we do for those we serve and pursuing excellence in the provision of all our services and our dealings with others.
• Innovation – maintaining a thirst for learning and remaining always open to better ways.
• Flexibility – being always open to alternative ways for our team to work and deliver services
• Leadership – being accountable for outcomes and leading the way in our field
• Partnership – Valuing mutual cooperation in the achievement of our mission
• Respect – acknowledging always the inherent value, dignity, rights and wishes of others in all our dealings
• Safety – ensuring safety in our workplace and work practices, supporting staff and client wellbeing.