Social Outings

Social Group Outings
SWCT provides two social outings per month for each area. These outings are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays. These are fun days with an opportunity to meet new people and to visit new places or revisit old ones.

Overnight Outings (Social Inclusion Project)
SWCT will now be providing overnight social outings a few times a year. We are embracing an enablement approach to overnight social outings. These overnight outings are all about people making choices while enjoying the company of others.


Multicultural Social Outings
SWCT also holds bi-monthly language specific outings for the 5 targeted languages in the organisation. A SWCT worker who speaks the appropriate language will accompany you on this trip. To find out more information please contact the office and speak to one of our bi-lingual workers.


Individual Outings
Do you have difficulty getting out and about, visiting friends or just going to the hairdressers? SWCT offers it’s clients Individual Outings, these may be to visit a friend or relative to have afternoon tea or to visit them in hospital.

For information about Social Outings please click here to visit the Social Outing Calendar to view the venue and costs which may be involved such as lunch or entry to venues, alternatively you may ring the office for more information or check the Client Newsletter.

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